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In This section, you will find some important links to our local news media that will provide you current with information on what's going on in Belize.

The Press Office has as its mission and objective , the timely and accurate dissemination of information on the policies and activities of the Government. It will keep the Belizean public informed on events, developments and issues of real importance to them and the country as a whole. Click on the image below.

Press & Media Links

Belize Media


Belize Radio Station - News & Music Power | LoveFM Online
Belize News - Belize Leading Newspaper | Breaking News - Amandala Online
The ReporterBelize News- Online Belize News.
The Belize TimesThe Belize Times - The Truth Shall Make You Free
The GuardianThe Guardian Newspaper.
News 5 BelizeChannel5Belize.com | News 5 Live
Ctv3 NewsCentaur Cable Network. Belize News from CTV3.
7 News Belize7 News Belize, Transcript of daily television news program.