Panama Says Sayonara Taipei, Hello Beijing    Charged Elvin Penner “sorry” he didn’t see cyclist coming    Mayor endorses fellow councilors; says it’s about the work    Remembering Women Fishers    Health Director Says Its Nothing Personal with Jose Espat Uc    LASER LITHOTRISPY    CitCo not to blame for proposal to change Carnival route    G.O.B. Wants Settlement But How Much Can They Pay?    City Mayor weighs entertainment and residents’ concerns along ‘party strip’    Will Government Pay Landowner for Occupation by Bridge?    Chunox, Resentment Still Smoldering    Flash Floods Inundate Bullet Tree Roads    Amin Cho of Guinea Grass sought for shopkeeper’s murder    Public Advised to Take Caution When Seeking Medical Attention    Flash Flood Leaves Minimal Damages As Affected Communities Receive Aid    Mark Mendez found dead; family says goodbye as hunt begins for killer    Cyber-Bullying Gets Regional Manual to Combat    Police Detain Suspect For Barahona Murder    Negotiations open but funds are limited, says C.E.O.    Akeem Guzman Shot Dead at Friend’s Home    Minister Campos Denies Free Zone Meddling    Works Ministry says it will stick to final evaluation for Felix Castillo’s land    Brazen Bank Breaking Burglary In Bella Vista    Sergio Chuc Drops CAS Appeal as CONCACAF Withdraws    No Bail For Vera    Belize Votes In Favour of OAS Resolution on Venezuela    Frustrated Residents Set Tire Fire, Warned by Police    Mom forgives Akeem Guzman’s killer but wants to know why    An Upgrade For Western Regional    BSCFA Gets Money For Lost Molasses    A school manual to fight cyberbullying    Queen Square Family Calls Out UDP for Land    Jimenez Caught Conch Fishing In Caye Caulker Reserve    A Teakettle Family’s Anguish: is Markie Mendez Dead?    Ethics Committee to be Established as F.F.B. Infighting Continues    Former Gov’t Minister Entangled In Yet Another Controversy    Elvin Penner to be Charged with Manslaughter for Fatal RTA    Area resident Valerie Woods says don’t stop the party, just be responsible    Lisa Shoman To Serve On IDB’s Administrative Tribunal.    Chuc and Vicente Square Off, Whose Side You On?    What happened to Corporal Florencio Rash? Internal probe coming    Pacheco to Reappear Before Senate Select Committee    The Weather And The Farmer    KTV the Remix: First live show tonight    Castro associate Gian Espadas charged for 12 pounds of weed    Football Federation Divided: Mass Boycott Stymies Congress    Video of Cop Goes Viral; Internal Investigation Underway    The Beer of Belize in a lighter form    Young Akeem Gunned Down on Flamingo Street    Darrell Bradley defends “reactive” policies   

Permanent Mission of Belize to the OAS

Organization of American StatesThe Organization of American States, formed in 1948, is the world’s oldest regional organization. It was established to promote among its member states democracy, human rights, security, trade, and development. It is comprised of the 35 independent states of the Americas...


High Commission of Belize to Canada

Canadian FlagInformation Coming Soon

Belize Diaspora Program

Belize Coat of ArmsThe Belizean Diaspora Program is a work in progress. This program was approved by the Government of Belize in September 2009 and is being Established and Administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Diaspora Focal Point and the Diaspora Advisory Council of Belize.


Embassy Calendar Events

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Welcome to the Embassy of Belize in Washington D.C.
Welcome to the Embassy of Belize in Washington D.C. PDF Print E-mail

Thank you for visiting the website of the Embassy of Belize in the United States of America, to which I offer you a warm Belizean welcome. In keeping with the foreign policy priorities of the Government of Belize, this website has been designed both to serve Belize nationals living abroad, as well to provide updated information on our beautiful country to those who may be interested in visiting or doing business in Belize.

Belize is a peaceful, democratic, English speaking nation located in Central America, and it fuses the distinctive culture and rhythm of the English speaking Caribbean with the Latin America flavor of Central America in a most inviting manner. Belize is both Caribbean and Central American at the same time; we are the bridge between these two regions, and the Government of Belize is working assiduously to bring these two families closer together.